First, the intention of this research and its details is not to offend any one. The intention is to introduce the historical Jesus, who is very different from the Jesus of faith, who every one knows, and particularly the trinitarians.

Second, this research will present the many explicit and clear (unambiguous) verses from the sayings of Jesus that establish his pure humanity and the impossibility of being God. You will learn that Jesus was a prophet of God, like any of the prophets who came before him: Jesus learned from God; he spoke and did what God commanded him to speak and do, he performed miracles with the power of God; he spoke in the name of God; he did not know everything and could not do anything without power and authority from God; he was always under the will of God and was fully dependant on Him; he has a God; his God is also our God; he prayed to God; he worshipped God; he taught to believe in the one and only one true God, whom he called Father.

Moreover, he was known by his surrounding to be the teacher, the prophet from Nazareth, the son of man, a man approved by God and sent by God and commanded by God, the Messiah, the son of God (metaphorically and not literally), servant of God, a mediator between God and mankind, the chosen one.

Jesus never in his lifetime claimed to be God or to have a dual-nature. This doctrine of dual nature did not come from Jesus. It was conceived years after Jesus was raised by God. I have to mention this here because many trinitarians will use this man-made dual-nature idea to refute the explicit verses that prove Jesus was only human. They will say that Jesus' human part was the reason of all of this and that, and not his devine part. Well, the fact is that Jesus never said anything about this second part of him. He acted like a human during his entire ministry and left as such. Nothing more and nothing less. If you don't trust me, then leave all your pre-conceived trinitarian notions aside, read the four Gospels and listen carefully to what it tells you. Nowhere, will you find Jesus presenting himself as a god-man entity. It is the people who gave him this second divine nature.